While success is important both in motor racing and at Konecranes, safety always comes first. As Valtteri can tell you, you can’t win the race unless you finish it safely. Safety is an indispensable part of the design of the equipment used in the world of racing and at Konecranes. In the warehouse, as in the dockyard or at the track, it’s not just the operator or the driver who needs to stay safe – it’s the whole team. In this article we take a look at the ways safety comes first not only through well-designed safety procedures and equipment but through a safety-first mindset.


Safety is not just about equipment

Whether racing or operating lifting equipment, safety doesn’t just come from the built-in safety features of the machines being operated or the protective clothing that is worn. It is also about having a safety-first mindset – thinking ahead to identify, assess, and mitigate risks and hazards to prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

Valtteri is familiar with this safety-first approach, trusting that his support team has his vehicle and safety equipment in perfect race condition.

Smart features and real-time insights

In both motorsports and in the lifting business, smart features and technological innovations are continuously evolving to help improve safety, whilst boosting productivity.

At Konecranes we continuously develop smart features that make load lifting smooth, efficient and safer. This includes, for example, Smart Features such as Sway Control and Hook Centering.

In addition, Konecranes provides Lifecycle Care in Real Time, a comprehensive and systematic approach to maintenance, supported by world-class digital tools and processes. Lifecycle Care in Real Time is delivered by connecting data, machines and people. Real-time visibility of comprehensive maintenance and usage data is combined with knowledge and experience to deliver safety and productivity improvements to customers.

Smart Features, together with Konecranes Lifecycle Care in Real Time, help our customers operations become safer and more productive.

Dedicated to safety first

At Konecranes we want everyone involved in our business – employees, customers, and partners – to arrive home in good health after a working day. We are fully committed to increasing the safety and productivity of everyone who operates our lifting equipment.


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