While we can’t predict the future, we do know that the decisions we make today will determine what we can achieve tomorrow.

For Valtteri Bottas, a winning approach doesn’t just come from the decisions he makes on race day, it also comes from the detailed planning and strategy prepared in advance, as well as data collected and analyzed from each race. At Konecranes, we also stay in front of the competition by thinking ahead and by using innovative technology to improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of our customers’ lifting operations.

Improving productivity

Just as Valtteri can’t afford any delays on the track, Konecranes knows our customers can’t afford delays at their ports. The Container Vessel Fast Transhipment System (COFASTRANS) aims to improve the efficiency of port operations, and our innovative cranes are a key element in making it possible to serve the increasingly larger container vessels of the future.  

This revolutionary crane concept has four trolleys, doubling the number of lifting spreaders over the ship and reducing the average trolley travel distance by about 30 meters. The cranes will be able to unload a vessel from both sides and are expected to cut the time a ship spends in port by as much as 30-40%.

Improving control and safety

In order to win, Valtteri needs to make every split-second count – the racetrack is a fiercely competitive environment where precise control can be the difference between winning and losing. Likewise, Konecranes needs to make sure our customers have precise control over their operations to ensure they can maximize productivity and succeed in a competitive market. 

Konecranes continues to improve control for cranes in container terminals. Our operator user interfaces are designed to not only be intuitive, but also to reduce the risk of human error. Information collected from the cranes and vehicles provide insights into the condition of the equipment as well. In the future, we will continue to integrate new, increasingly intelligent features into our solutions – technology that will improve the reliability and predictability of port operations.

The future in the making – an Avolution

At Konecranes we are already making the future today, driving technological innovations to improve the productivity, control, and safety of our customer’s operations. We offer our customers the widest and deepest offering in container handling. It’s the widest in terms of the breadth of the product portfolio, which ranges from heavy-duty lift trucks to manned container cranes to fully automated terminal automation systems. It’s the deepest in terms of the manned-to-automated growth path, remote monitoring capabilities, and intelligent software control. We now bring this to intermodal operators with the AVOLUTION OF INTERMODAL.

The AVOLUTION OF INTERMODAL from Konecranes is the seamless, united combination of Automated BOXPORTER RMG (A-BOXPORTER RMG) cranes working the rail lines and a complete range of automated horizontal transport machines including Konecranes Noell A-STRADS and A-SPRINTERS, Konecranes Gottwald AGVs and Lift-AGVs, and Automated Terminal Tractors (in partnership with Terberg). It also includes terminal process planning, simulation, emulation, and software control. This is the package that turns the evolution of intermodal into the AVOLUTION OF INTERMODAL.

Staying ahead of the pack

Valtteri likes to stay ahead of the pack – he knows that to be successful he needs to draw on insights and experiences from previous races to maximize future performance. At Konecranes, we stay ahead by using our experience, insights, and data to help us develop the technologies, products, and services that will deliver success for our customers today, and into the future. 


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