On race day, where every second counts, Valtteri trusts his team have done the planning and preparation groundwork to help him achieve optimal performance. At Konecranes we share the same commitment to long-term planning and preparation with Lifecycle Care – our comprehensive and systematic approach to maintenance, supported by world-class tools and processes. In this article we look at how Lifecycle Care and lifecycle thinking keeps everyone on the winning side.

Getting results through a systematic, tailored approach

Both in Valtteri’s world and at Konecranes, a systematic and tailored approach plays a critical role in delivering results. The support team behind Valtteri follows established procedures, but they also have to constantly fine-tune the setup based on his input.

Our approach to crane maintenance is based on the same principles, Lifecycle Care results in highest lifecycle value—maximizing the productivity of uptime and minimizing the cost of downtime. Our crane experts apply a systematic Risk and Recommendation Method of evaluation and a consultative planning and review process to drive continuous improvement in safety and productivity.

Keeping things running smoothly

Valtteri needs his team to assess his on-track performance, and use those insights to provide the right corrective maintenance when needed.

Konecranes customers too can benefit from insights gained from TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring which uses sensors to collect usage and operating data such as running time, motor starts, work cycles, and emergency stops. We also help our customers minimize their equipment downtime with a variety of corrective maintenance and retrofits, from repairs for faults identified during inspections to the replacement of hoists or other components – including wheels, drives, and hoist motors.

Smart features and real time insights keep you ahead

When Valtteri is out on the track, his performance is under constant scrutiny with data on hundreds of parameters being measured in real time. We take the same kind of approach to deliver Lifecycle Care in Real Time by connecting data, machines, and people. Our experts use real-time visibility of comprehensive maintenance and usage data combined with knowledge and experience to deliver safety and productivity improvements to our customers.

Additionally Valtteri’s performance benefits from many modern smart features and control systems developed over time that provide him with greater control or visibility. Konecranes has also developed ways to add current features and technologies to our customers equipment, with a range of retrofits such as variable speed control, radio remote control, and LED lighting that can improve safety and productivity.

Expert support from dedicated professionals

In the warehouse, on the track, or at ports and terminals, the deep knowledge of the teams of dedicated professionals is the foundation of success.

The team supporting Valtteri is with him in every aspect of his work, from planning a winning strategy to optimizing configurations and learning how to boost performance based on data from previous events.

At Konecranes our global team of crane experts support our customers by creating a winning strategy to increase the productivity of uptime, and minimize the cost of downtime of their equipment.

Konecranes Lifecycle Care in Real Time is our way of keeping our customers on the fast track and ahead of the competition.



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